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Custom Website Design + Digital Marketing Strategy

by Julie Ledermann - June 14, 2018

We are Way James + Co. We design custom websites that are super cool. And we go out of our way to ensure your digital marketing strategy is delivering the results you deserve.

Why Choose Us?
We deliver 100% custom work to our clients. We know that each and every company out there has a uniqueness about it that can’t be shown through template web design work. This is precisely what inspired our team to create Way James + Co. We got tired of seeing canned and stale work from other design firms, knowing that we can deliver customized (awesome) solutions that deliver better results!

At Way James + Co., our team is dedicated to:

  • Professional and custom web design work
  • Ensuring your target customer finds your website
  • Getting your customers to take action on your website
  • Providing top notch customer service 24 hours a day

Professional and Custom Web Design
Well-built, customized and responsive websites are an essential piece of today’s business world. A custom website allows you to express your business culture and processes in one visual place, so your prospects have a complete understanding of your business and the value you provide. Customization allows you add special features that might be necessary to your business. It is also an opportunity to make a memorable impression on perspective clients that can help your business stand out.

Ensuring Your Target Customer Finds Your Website
Attracting and retaining your audience is key. We are search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. It’s important to understand what search terms and keywords drive visitors to your site. That way, you know which words will maximize web traffic, and you can be sure to include them in your site’s content when you describe your products or services. Professionals (like us!) who understand search engine optimization tactics can help ensure your content includes high-ranking keywords. We also understand the tools and algorithms the search engines use so that your website rises above the competition.

Getting Your Customers to Take Action on Your Website
You want your business to stand out visually, but you also need your visitors to take action when they come to your website. We will work with you to understand what your goals are, and build your website so it is customized for your sales needs. Do you want to make it easy for a potential customer to buy products, or do you want to gather contact information for future marketing efforts? Whatever your goals are, we will build your website to easily encourage that call to action.

Top Notch Customer Service
Our philosophy on doing business means that we will provide you with a 24-hour customer service response guarantee. That means anytime, any day we will respond to any inquiries or hiccups you run into. We go out of the way ensure our customers are taken care of.

The above-mentioned factors are not always an easy combination to find in the world of digital marketing agencies. But we assure you that if you decide to come choose us for your website design or marketing project, you won’t regret your decision. Call us at 828.545.3714 or complete our contact form today to schedule a free (and fun) consultation.

We look forward to working with you!



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