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Custom Website Design + Digital Marketing Strategy

We are Way James + Co. We design custom websites that are super cool. And we go out of our way to ensure your digital marketing strategy is delivering the results you deserve. Why Choose Us? We deliver 100% custom work to our clients. We know that each and every company out there has a […]

SEO, let’s be real – The expectations, timing, and the dreaded question

The Setup – SEO About two months ago we started posting to our social media profiles with a tag of #theyllfind you. Our goal after asking numerous clients and industry friends was to provide content behind what SEO is and does, how to achieve true success in your SEO efforts, but most of all – […]

Pay Per Click & Online Ad Trends You Should Know

What is Pay Per Click? Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to boost your SEO and to increase the exposure your brand needs to get your name out there. But let’s take a step back. What is SEO? Well, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Why is this so valuable? If […]

Google Ad Words…Did You Know?

Relax. Google Has Your Back. Google has many technology products out there, and for marketers it can seem like the constant updates and new algorithms are a constant battle. Well, it is. In order to succeed with modern digital marketing, you have to be prepared to constantly reinvent and re marketing your content for your […]

How the Snap Map Could be Used for Small Businesses

It’s no lie, Snapchat’s new Snap Map is creepy… and scary accurate. But ignoring all the stalking and ways that people could abuse the map, it still has value for businesses. While the feature is still new, there are still some methods of marketing we think it can tap into. Sleep Feature and Posting on […]

3 Companies that Aced the Storytelling Game

3 Ads We Think Aced Storytelling through Web Film What does storytelling have to do with marketing? Almost everything. In fact, it is story telling that crafts the message that is being put out to consumers. It’s a pretty nifty tool because it can be applied to any medium and platform, but for now we’re […]

Cracking SEO for Local – A Guide to Google My Business

Trying to understand Google’s algorithm for Google My Business (some folks might remember it being called ‘Google Places’ or even ‘Google + Local’) is sometimes just as difficult as trying to figure out the Google search algorithm. Which, if we’re honest – makes sense due to the importance of it’s key functions. It’s a crucial […]

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