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"We believe in connecting businesses locally, building marketing collaboratively, and growing your company exponentially."

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About Way James + Co.

We created this company in 2015 based on, what we felt, was necessity. After years of working in executive positions and dealing with national agencies (multiple at a time), we realized that our local businesses were struggling to find local agencies who provided not only design, but marketingas well. With a love of design, experience in digital marketing, and a passion of connecting local businesses - we built a team of the best talent we could find. We are, together, Way James + Co.
It’s a lot to offer, we know, but we’ve built our strategies to feed off one another. We believe that the team that builds your logo and brand should also be working with the team that strategizes your SEO and paid advertising. So - we formed those teams and offered them together to save our local portfolio time and cash. Both sides of our service work together, we design amazing websites that convert customers - and we back those sites with the most efficient marketing plans.




Web Design

A staple of our services, we help build custom websites for clients in many different industires. What’s different? We build them all custom, in house. No templates, no reused designs, built to work with your brand. We’ll provide a site you’re proud of - and we’ll make it convert traffic into customers!


You can have an amazing website, but if people aren’t finding your site - it’s worthless. We’ll help you get some skin in the game by providing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Our goal is to have your site show up in Google searches, and we think that people are already looking for you. It’s a longterm goal - so we collaborate with quarterly meetings and analytical reporting.

Paid Ads

More than likely you’ve dealt with paid ads before. What you have experienced might not be the best experience in your mind. Here’s why... Your budget and ad strategy wasn’t built for long term success. We’ll help you configure your paid advertisement spend and we’ll make sure your Google Adwords campaigns are showing up and converting.

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