Web Design. The way it should be.

At Way James + Co. we see web design as the ‘core’ of your online marketing branding and image. We take pride in it, too. All of our sites are 100% custom and built for your company from scratch. That means totally custom, no outsourcing, and absolutely NO TEMPLATES. Call us crazy, but that’s the main reason we even started this company.


Custom creative web design. Our sites are built from scratch for each customer. That means 100% custom, no outsourcing, and absolutely NO TEMPLATES. There’s an incredible difference in building a site on a template and building a site custom to that business, and we think you’ll be able to tell!


Responsive designed sites. Our custom sites are built with your customer in mind. Whether you get traffic on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, our sites will look just as good to all users. We strive to design for all clients and browsers seamlessly so that your brand is expressed the same in each experience.


Over 2/3 of e-commerce shopping hits are made on a mobile device. We’re all accustomed to tapping and swiping. For our e-commerce customers, we design sites with mobile e-commerce in mind. Smooth transitions, clear destinations, and easily understandable shopping carts are all part of our custom web designs.


Chances are that your Google Analytics account will tell you that your customers are almost half attributed to mobile browsers. We keep that in mind for all of our sites. Designing for mobile experience first, our custom sites will allow all customers the best experience for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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