Local SEO is about those closest to you.

The most loyal customers are the ones in your own neighborhood. People like to keep their money in their own town, and we are here to help make sure the locals can find you.

What Is Local SEO?

There’s no single thing to focus on for Local SEO. It’s a derivative of many aspects – aspects that we constantly monitor. You’ve got to have a local strategy to be completely successful in local SEO. We’ve spent years trying to understand what works best and what doesn’t – and while there’s no specific answer, no overnight success, and no instant rankings, we can tell you that you’ll be impressed by our work.

Stages of Local Optimization

The Setup

We want to put in the man hours to get everything set up right the first time. We call this ‘building out the bones.’ It’s time consuming and a lot of effort – but it’s crucial. We’ll make sure that you’re starting out in the right direction from the beginning.


Once we’ve got your business listing(s) effectively set up it’s time to continue monitoring content, links, social media, and reviews. Every single aspect of your local listing needs to be perfected at all times – and we’ll do just that.